Marissa Veevers Manipulating Stalker. Marissa Veevers is a 29 year old & one of the worst person I have met. She would create unnecessary drama & manipulate you into thinking you’re in the wrong. Marissa always thinks she is in the right & has no faults. She would have sex with men who are in a relationship or married, then try to say she hated to ruin a relationship! She has used people to drive her aimlessly around the city with out pitching in for anything as she doesn’t have a license. Her #1 hobby is using people and their cars to stalk old friends that she never moves on from. She will say she is bored yet, won’t agree on what to do. Marissa also loved to go sleep with her friends ex’s a week or so after they break up. Don’t waste any time on her! Oh to top it off, she always is complaining & b1tching about dumb sh1t. Marissa literally screams at people, makes fun of the homeless & doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. But she will manipulate you into thinking she cares about them after you call her out. Everything is a huge joke to her & play with men’s emotions! She also will not stop talking about her “first love” which was a fuk buddy from like 10 years ago. One last thing! She doesn’t work at all & makes excuses for herself why she can’t work & milks her “injuries” to make it seem really bad when it isn’t!