Marta Joyner — Wife Pregnant-She Will Still Be With Your Husband. Marta and my husband started an affair while I was pregnant with our second child. I was 7 months pregnant when the affair started. -In labor while they were communicating back and forth. And yes, she was the first one told of our daughter’s birth. Not our family, not our friends, but the secret girlfriend. The girl who used to be his girlfriend in college. Only he describes her as never having a relationship, that he only f—led her during college. I’m told they didn’t speak for 20 years until 20 years later (we are married and pregnant) she contacted him on Facebook and they start their affair. This woman, a mother, a banker for [REDACTED], a woman I have never met, entered my life, entered my marriage, created a path of lies and deceit, exited out. It’s been a decade since this affair. She left a relationship, a family in turmoil. How can a family live when it is based in lies? Homewrecker.