Mary Louisa Fernandez — A STRIPPER/NURSE. Mary is a supposed medical professional at the [REDACTED]. The only thing that her superiors did right was placing her in the Mental Ward. The patients running the esylyum is the perfect phrase describing her as a nurse lol if you were to Google insubordination regarding Nurses on how they have handled themselves in and out of the Hospital it’s far less significant than the sins Nurse Mary has committed. These heroes were fired for techanilities but our Mary gets a pat on the back for hers lol when things opened up in Arizona she was the first at multiple pool parties rubbing against otherls unmasked and no social distancing taking place. Going to multiple parties with the same going on !! How would any of u feel if you lost someone due to [REDACTED]because of the irresponsibility of a Medical Professional? I’d personally do things to her that I can’t mention on here or any public platform. She’s a lawsuit waiting to happen !! She was stripping a year ago at the [REDACTED] and was let go due to solicitation and drug dealing. Who is hiring people like her ??? Stevie Wonder/ Ray Charles lol Absolutely clueless and I’d rather be on a death bead than attend that hospital cause Mary is the prime example of incompetence in the Medical Field.