Matt Neal-Smith — DRD Giver- Dead Beat Dad! So this wanna be Player tries to win my heart over!Tell’s me he is clean and has never had an DRD! B.S! This piece of crap gave me the DRD that I now have forever!!He tried so hard to get me drunk and I’m pretty sure he slipped something into my drink! He is a pathetic liar! Told me he is president of a company,he pretends he’s into health and well being. He didn’t tell me about his daily drug habit and the fact that his ex knows and he’s not allowed to see his own kids!!! I seriously wish I never met this scvm of the earth Surrey Looser!!! He pretends to ride a sport bike that he doesn’t even own!!Tells me he own’s the house he lives in-All Lies!! Girl’s watch out for this P.O.S!!