Matt Woolley — Ladies Beware! someone needs to call this narcissistic, misogynistic, inhumane prick out. My dear friend got involved with him, believed all of his lies, fell in love with him all while he was on every dating site acting as a predator. He’s known to love the pills, be riddled with DRD’s and be extremely emotionally abusive. So much so that his ex wife fled from his toxicity and emotional abuse. He is manipulative and enjoys conditioning women then once he’s done with them he disposes of them like rubbish. His latest victim is a dear friend of mine who he broke up with for no reason while she had just been informed of her brothers death. He has no heart, no spine, no soul and there is a rather large group of people who are waiting for karma to take its course. While she is consumed with grief and loss he is out dating and laughing about what he has done to her, not realizing he’s discussing these things with her clients. Ladies beware, he is worse than any of your stereotypical $30,000 millionaire douchebags. He lives in Wylie, a rural suburb of Dallas and can be identified by his horrific acne scars, childish behavior , inability to know the female anatomy, and using his “tragic” life story as a way to reel you in. Proceed with caution ladies, Matt Woolley is a horrific bully of a man.