Meaghan Smith — Meaghan The Relationship Ruiner. This is Meaghan Smith My boyfriend and I used to go to university with her. One day Meaghan texted my boyfriend out of the blue asking if they could study together he declined due to work but she kept nudging him. Meaghan texted my boyfriend again telling him if they could study she will buy him something to eat basically bribing him. It was so desperate of her! She would constantly text him none stop after telling her to leave him alone! Why so desperate Meaghan? Fast forward, Winnipeg is a small city and I have a friend that knows this girl let’s just say Meaghan Smith is at it again. My friend messaged me asking if I knew her cause she went to the same university as me. Meaghan has been messaging her way through yet another relationship! Keep it professional dear. Small city = everyone talks! Moral of this Meaghan has been desperately trying to ruin relationships. Get this she just got a boyfriend! Poor guy doesn’t know what’s happening behind his back Watch your man ladies!