Meaghan Waller Reality Check In Check! Meaghan Waller former CNTM winner needs a reality check. Meaghan comes off innocent, nice, caring but in reality she’s a b1tch! Meaghan plays the role so well that she deserves all the narcissistic behaviour her bf Shawn throws at her because she is just as egotistical. Meaghan a vegetarian and makes sure you know, dates a man who chops meat for a living, I guess I could to for his money. Meaghan is the laughing gossip when ever on site for shoots whether it be with Danny, Rejean, Mel, whoever gossip is gossip and all gossip leads to her. Meaghan’s bf cheats on her and yes with her coworker. Chad and Nick love gossiping about this with Grace when Chad’s in town! Meaghan is bossy and b1tchy she’s down right arrogant and rude! Ash, Cam, Jordyn all love talking smack but put on such a fake smile when she’s around. Meaghan loves working with Grace, she loves that Grace all piggly wiggly and she can look down on her with Boss b1tch Liz. Meaghan hates Rayna but deep down inside just shrugs it off knowing that Rayna took a sm fro Shawn and fuked him again and again and again. Meaghan is the joke at [REDACTED] all the gossip and talk is about her. Meaghan failing her career, Meaghan getting cheated on repeatedly, Meaghan getting bossed around by newbie models, Meaghan working with the girl her bf fuked and fuks. Meaghan is so dense and her head is in the clouds. She needs a reality check and come down to earth. Meaghan you are no better than Grace or anybody you work with.