Megan Galyana True Colors Problem Starter. This is Megan Galyana. A girl who likes to follow people’s cars from their homes to accuse them speaking to her man. I had not talked to her for 3 months ever since moving out of her condo when she followed my car to pull up beside me and tell me to stop speaking to her man. You must be out of your goddamn mind I’m in a happy relationship and I don’t even know the details of your sad dating life. Don’t start playing the victim now after you started all these problems for yourself. Don’t forget how you called my mans shop non-stop harassing him and me, telling him that I need to stop speaking to your man. How you waited outside my house like a psychopath to follow my car only to open your mouth and yell at me with your ugly buck teeth to stop talking to your man. Use some of your Leolist money to fix your teeth. The sad part is I didn’t even know you were dating my ex in jail, so nobody was talking to your man. You made up all this sh1t in your dumb little head, you disturbed my peace and my relationship thinking you were cool to start all these problems for me and now you’re crying acting like the victim saying you lost enough. Even my ex in jail left you because all you did was cause problems for him. Nobody would have ever spoke to you again had you stayed in your own lane and not wrongfully accuse happily taken women of speaking to ur boyfriend (she has a new boyfriend every few months, nobody even knows who your man is).