Megan Pearce Sh^T Talking Sl^T. This is Megan Pearce. The easiest tho* in Saskatoon. I was friends with her until she hooked up with a guy I was seeing. I wasn’t surprised at all. It’s just the type of person she is. This chick has no boundaries. She’s flirted with several guys who have girlfriends as well. Megan doesn’t care about anyone but her damn self, not even about her own son Ayden. She doesn’t even know who Ayden’s father is which is quite disgusting. Megan will ditch her 5 year old son with her parents just to go out and party all night. She’ll bring random guys home to meet her parents. She can’t keep a steady job, always ends up getting fired. Megan has bragged about cheating on every guy she was in a relationship with like it was something to be proud about. I feel bad for any guy talking to her. Don’t feel special, you aren’t the only one Megan is screwing. So I suggest wearing a condom. Knowing her you’ll definitely catch an std. Megan will do anything for attention. I always wondered why she didn’t have many friends now I understand why. Ladies don’t make the same mistake I did and befriend this girl. She’ll talk bad about you and than act all nice to your face. Just ask her Emily Polanik. Once a who#e always a wh#re.