TheWrongDoer_Editor :Meghan Stimmel Wants To Validate Your Husband. This cheery faced ‘go getter’ worked in a network with hundreds of independent contractors- including my husband, and was on a call with my husband and other insurance agents. The whole call was about ‘personal growth.’ Well, she thought it would be wonderful to team up and personally grow a relationship with my husband by requesting him to be her accountability partner for 2 weeks. She began to validate him and flirt while holding him accountable each day-never hesitating to stroke his ego when he won awards or sold a lot of business. All of this sweet banter was going on in secret- despite me being a partner/wife at my husband’s agency. After growing an emotional attachment, they continued the relationship through random Slack messages. After him and I got into a fight, their relationship went to the next level-even after she had left his company for a year. They exchanged private emails which I caught by accident last month. (Women’s intuition) After I kindly reached out her to her to get her side of the story, this ‘personally grown’ piece of work had to audacity to deny, gaslight, and belittle me. She said she didn’t know who the ‘F’ my husband was. I figured he must have gotten lost in the shuffle of her other male conquests. The last thing she said to me was “Go heal girl. Lol” and then blocked me before I could say thank you and take care. She has some provocative pics on her FB page that scream attention seeker and claims to be ‘enlightened’ Well as much as my husband is just as at fault, she didn’t hesitate to shed darkness into our marriage. I never got an apology from her and she was a total condescending BI#%* so that’s why I’m posting her on here. If she doesn’t have accountability or remorse for her actions, I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t do this again to someone else’s husband.