Mehran Salehi FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD – Orange County. Mehran Salehi is a mid-30’s poster child for all the things wrong in the financial world. Many have invested in his financial investment opportunities, and few to none have revived any future of investment after 4 years. Turns out without telling anyone, one of his personal investment opportunities he sold shares in a company that didn’t even exist! The second company he dissolved less than 8 months after taken my investment. Over $44,000 down the drain, and he lead me on for 4 years! He got close to me, befriended me, secured my investment with his intellectual talk and complex financial jargon, and when I never received appropriate K1 tax documents after 3 years, I got suspicious. He has also sabotaged other investment opportunities because he got fired for failing to do his job and it turned out he had a huge conflict of interest he failed to disclose. He is by far the worst person I have met in my life and I regret not trusting my gut feeling about him, he personally gave me such sleezy vibes. When I invested he was going through a nasty divorce and child custody battle, one can only surmise he took my investment and paid off his legal fees. Well, the truth will be discovered because now he has been reported and being investigated by DCA, OC District Attorney, and FINRA. He apparently has been unlicensed since 2015. Please don’t make the same mistake I did and spread the word on this guy. The Orange County Register is preparing a story on it! People who think they are cool stealing others hard earned money deserve justice.