Melanie And Nate Martinez. Everyone meet Melanie and Nate Martinez! Be careful with these two they are not to trust they will stab you in the back and talk sh1t about you and won’t say to your face! Let’s make something clear here Nate Martinez is mad because of a dam logo that “they stole from him” or he “created” maybe that is correct but only because he would let his manipulative wife take over the band decisions when she had NO BUSINESS of being there! Yes she can support but she would want to get paid for something she was not doing hahaha! This b1tch! Nate wouldn’t let his brothers take any decisions MAY I REMIND YOU THIER FATHER STARTED THE BAND LOS MARTINEZ BROS! And the dad stepped down do to Melanie Martinez! Another thing Nate would steal from his brothers without telling them anything, and when the brothers found out boy they were mad! Again he’s mad over a logo!! Wait until people see who you really are and what kind of piece of sh1t your wife is and they wouldn’t want to do your Colorado All stars with you specially her!!! And what are you going to do use New Mexico artist that are NOT FROM COLORADO!! Hahah what a waste of time! When the band has a gig to do they were always treated like sh1t specially that one, there always had to be that one that’s treated the worst not by him but by his wife(Melanie) how could you let some b1tch disrespect your brothers, from a band that YOUR OWN DAD CREATED! And your complaining about a logo, really dude grow up bro! You sit here and act like your the sh1t and you have all this money we would have money too if your wife is charging her kids and your brother to pay all her bills and specially because you guys have section 8 and only pay $600 a month of rent! Boy wouldn’t that be nice!!! Rumor around the gigs that your wife “takes care of you” and she gets paid for taking care of her husband! Maybe she’s the one giving you all the drugs, maybe that’s why your slowly dying!! Dam that day will be sad the day you die and you fighting over a band name and a logo!! Your trying to take down the wrong people! STOP STALKING OTHER PEOPLES PAGE just to make yourself seem better! Maybe it’s you that’s making it into a competition! That’s why you made your brothers give you their spot at the [READTED] because you can’t make it their without them!! Wait until they are high up then your going to try and come back and get your spot back and it’s not going to happened because your to selfish piece of sh1t!! Everyone is tired of your sh1t, you speak the truth why don’t you say what you would make the owner of the bars do, do 2 sets of stacks differently to pay your wife and pay yourself more, let me remind you, at times you were “too sick” to play the base and plus you didn’t even sing or talk or anything all you did was sit back and watch the show! Why don’t you sit and say the truth you like to expose everyone but maybe you should expose yourself and your wife! That’s so sad that Melanie can’t even be a great mother that’s why ALL her kids are leaving her, she a horrible mother that her kids are moving out of state and going to their dads good job boys! I wouldn’t want a poisonous mother either! You guys loved talking about the Martinez parents that you hated them so much and you didn’t want to go out of state shows because Dad and mom had to bring 2 little brats and you didn’t want to deal with all of them that now your poisoning your own parents to disown kids! Low AF.