Melissa Robillard — The Internet Gangsta. Where shall we start in this mess nik? I’m seriously concerned about this poor little girl. On the internet she targets random women, attacking them over reposting the same pictures from a zodiac fb account. Claiming that she is authentic and other people are stealing her content. After trying to publicly shame people, and getting called out she deleted her post on her page but still continues to be a keyboard warrior. Exposing her true self is really all that has come from her creating this drama. She wants clout for her youtube page and goes after well known and established women to try and gain followers and likes. This woman is slimey, she will do anything she can to try and get any attention good or bad. Word around this town is she has no education, dropped out of high-school, on drugs, she has mental issues and needs to take her medication daily. Regardless she needs to have some consequences for her actions, and at very least let us warn the public about this woman so the good people in brampton can steer clear. Beware and behave kids. THE INTERNET IS REAL.