Melissia Claybrook. Melissia Claybrook has been messing with my husband for over a year. She even went so far as to give him a phone so she could reach him and the messages could not be traced. This woman is a whore. She has been told on several occasions to leave my family alone. Yet she proceeds to call, text, and run into my husband on a daily basis. This is a text message between her and I at after midnight and she texts me the next day to tell me she don’t know what I’m talking about so I sent her the photos of my husbands car in her driveway at midnight and for her to stop lying and to leave us alone. Of course that has not happened. My husband and I have been married almost 19 years we have a history, and a future this miserable sorry a55 SLore is not part of any of that and needs to get herself some therapy and lay off the wine and then maybe she can find her own husband. This woman also has a guard friend Emily at our gated community that lets her know when I leave and come home. I am at my wits end and the only other option I have left is to sue her for alienation of affection.