Merrill Gertsmar – Lip Filler Queen πŸ‘‘, More Tattoos Than Brain Cells. This is Merrill, she has an ugly a55 tattoo for every insecurity she has. She told her colleagues about her addiction issues for sympathy, but everyone still judges her. She wears more makeup than Ronald MacDonald and needs plenty of attention to feed her ego. Her plastic surgeon needs to be fired asap, because he somehow convinced her that 4 syringes of filler in her lips was a good look.. On the bright side, she doesn’t need a life jacket because her lips would keep her a float for sure πŸ‘Œ. She pretends to be this positive person but she’s a very troubled girl with a warped sense of reality. Super manipulative, obsessive, and manic, this girl is a triple-threat lol Hide your men ladies because if she sees him, she’ll slide in his DM’s and beg your man to take her on a date. Typically she brags about how rich her daddy is, and tries to gain sympathy by telling people how she is in an abusive relationship with her fiancΓ© and unhappy. Oh ya, When she is looking for life-advice, she visits psychics LOL, they all tell her she’s on the β€œwrong path” and then she has a mental breakdown and starts posting 400 selfies with least 90 filters on. It’s pretty pathetic. This girl got so drunk she pissed herself in an elevator and tried throwing her wig at security when they attempted to help her. She loves [REDACTED] too because she caught it on her birthday, but still had 50 people over to celebrate . She tried to cover it up by making a video of her crying and eating a birthday cake she β€œbought for herself” LOLLL. Nice try.. She is mentally disturbed and a completely fake person. Someone get this girl help!