Merry Tungka Queen Of Scams And Lies. Beware of Merry Tungka! She is a scam artist and a gross promoter! Her slogan should be Merry Queen of Freeloading, Queen of Lies, and Merry the Queen of Manipulation! Before the pandemic, she would go on tours to studios and take pictures there, and then claim she works there. She is clinically insane! She has no partnership at Facebook, she does not work at [REDACTED], and she sneaks into Hollywood award ceremony’s with the help of this man named Terry Bryant (who is also an LA conman). Merry Piggy-backs off other successful men and women to try to clean her name and obviously uses them to get into the places. She had married men fly her around before the pandemic. Merry is now black-listed from many companies so now she tries to be a broker for private boats and helicopters. Her goal is to find more people to scam. She also can’t afford dog food for her rat-dog. She goes door-to-door asking for free things for her dog. She lies stating she will bring them sales with her sad social media pages. Merry has 50k fake robot followers from Asia. Merry is broke and refuses to work for an honest living! She even claims to produce fake radio shows (internet shows) for a studio that only calls her to work once every two months. Merry has no job! Merry refuses to really work. She pretends to have money. She can’t afford anything. Also, she slept with her best friends boyfriend, just so Merry can throw her bday parties on his outdated boat. Merry would sleep over at her besties house all the time, because Merry was homeless. Merry then started sleeping with her besties man for a free room and boat. Merrys is a snake. Now with the pandemic, blacklisted from places, and sleeping with her besties man, Merry tries to pretend that she has money as a fake broker for boats. She also uses her fake internet show for local press. Which most of the time her sugar-papa gives her money for to clean her name online. Merry is a snake like her parents who almost went to prison for fraud and embezzlement. They ripped off a lot of people and they fled back to Indonesia to not pay anyone and face their police charges. That’s why her parents can’t come back to the USA. They don’t want to go to prison. Beware when Merry tries to broker yacht or helicopter deals. She adds her own rates on top of the commissions the company agreed on paper. Which is illegal since the company did not agree or sign on that. Merry Tungka will then try to tag along and get drunk on your own paid boat ride! She’s ghetto. Also, don’t let her fake modeling fool you! She has never modeled for Maxim or for Elliot Magazine either! Merry looks like a little Asian boy without her blue contacts and fake lashes. She photoshops all her photos. She told club promoters years ago to make flyers for her bday stating she was a Maxim model. She has never modeled for Maxim. In 2017 she piggy-backed off a real Maxim model who’s Latina for a podcast promotion (not radio), but Merry has never actually modeled for the Maxim Magazine. Merry has never officially modeled for Ellements Magazine either. Her 80 year old sugar-daddy on the side from sleeping with her bestie Chantel’s man, paid for her shoot. No magazine has ever agreed for a 40 year old Merry Tungka for a photoshoot. She even tagged Eliot saying they paid her! Her sugar-daddy paid for the shoot. The [REDACTED] page isn’t even following her. Check [REDACTED] She has also prints fake posters of herself from publications. They are hanging in her Freeloader rental where she stays and doesn’t pay rent. The posters are fake and can’t be ordered anywhere but Kinkos! She photoshops magazine logos on them. Google the fake prints she did. They are nowhere to be found, but only on her Facetune app and her own Social Media posts. They are not real. Merry is obsessed with trying to be famous and appear famous. Merry is almost 40 years old. She is pathetic. When her sugar-papa won’t give her money, she try to ripoff people more. She won’t pay photographers. She scams them in shooting her ugly boy body. She later tries to pay them in clothing or food when she can’t pay them, so demeaning. She needs to look in the mirror first before she claims to call herself a real model. She looks like a little tranny boy. All her social media photos are extremely photoshopped. She’s a pathological Lier! She also scams college kids telling them to be her assistant and she has zero paperwork approval or forms from any schools to collect any internships! This girl needs to be stopped of all her BS! Merry Tungka is obsessed with lying and with social media. She’s sad like her knock-off bags from China, because her married daddy only gives his wife the real bags. Many people are trying to sue her. Merry is a squatter when she out stays her rentals she doesn’t pay for. She jumps from home to home with excuses that she can help them make money instead of paying rent. Even during the pandemic she was full of excuses. This girl doesn’t want to make an honest living! She either thinks it’s normal to SCAM people or she gets off on it! All Merrys does for a living is harass men for free trips. Merry makes about $15 an hour once in a blue moon as a internet radio producer, she scams people for fake services, and sleeps with married men. Why doesn’t Merry change her life for the better, instead of being such a user and a snake?! She will go out of her way to get bad press about her off online, but she won’t go out of her way to make herself a better person?! Her IQ is low! Beware of this Scammer! Merry Tungka is the Queen Of Scams! Total ConArtist. A total user! If you don’t believe me, ask her to pay for her own stuff or do work? She won’t.