Meth Head DRDs Infested Barber Bobby Jeffers. Watch out people this is a public service announcement, this guy Barber Bobby Jeffers is a wide range of things. He’s on meth still and he claims to be sober and clean huge lie you can catch up behind buildings in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas behind churches and barbershops smoking his meth pipe drinking a 2/4 of vodka trying to hide from the public thinking no one is going to see him using or drinking. He is not faithful to his wife “Jessika” he has drds and he tries to spread to every girl he meets he sneaks out of his wife’s house when she is asleep and goes and bangs girls he meets off of tinder and plenty of fish and so on this guys d1ck smells like sh1t his a55 smell like sh1t his clothes have holes and stains on them. If you sleep with this guy you are bound to get bumps after and be itchy and smelly! He also demands every client or person that he cuts hair pay him in cash and only cash! That’s a little odd makes you wonder are you just supporting his drug problem….. says he doesn’t have a bank account just a bunch of lies he’s a methhead goof that’s trying to hide from the government and avoid paying taxes and child support for his daughter that’s why he doesn’t have a bank account as he is in major debt that he just tries to avoid! He uses women all the time to buy him things and he says things like he loves them and your beautiful just to trick ladies into falling for him so he can use them! This guy will leave you alone and all confused once he is done with you! Now he is claiming he is a Christian and has converted to god just a bunch of sick lies and disgusting excuses to pretend to be. He claims to be a giving person well in this photo you can see him holding a dozen of pizzas or whatever you want to call it if he was such a good and giving guy he wouldn’t be looking for praise or recognition on social media taking pictures of what he calls giving back to society. This guy is just a bloody fake you have been warned do not engage yourself at all with this guy!!