Micheal Nesbitt — Watch Out Calgary! Oh boy let’s talk about Micheal Nesbitt! This man (if you could call him one) is in his forties and still can’t over his ex wife after EIGHT years! What a child. I mean how could he? When he was with her all he had to do was to hit her and she’d go to work and let him take all the money. Because y’know who cares if you give your two very young children childhood trauma if you can get some free money and a punching bag. What makes this even better is the fact he was even cheating on her their whole marriage! Guys such a loser that he hangs out and sells weed to kids closer to his son’s age than his.He doesn’t even have a driver’s license but you bet he’s driving around in his moms car. Not even his daughter wants to see or talk to him. What kind of father would constantly lie to their children about their mom, call them names, disappointments and fat shame them. Not to mention he told his daughter when she was ten that he was going to kill himself because of her. When she didn’t even understand suicide at the time, but after what she has gone through with her father she sure understands it now. I’m sure his children just love having PTSD when they hear fighting or see domestic violence. You can now find Micheal in Lynnwood Calgary, Alberta being a keyboard warrior still to this day harassing his ex wife, her family and his daughter!