Michelle Di Marco – IS FOR THE STREETS. Michelle is a Toxic SLoooT, this Stripper/ Floozy needs to humble herself! Michelle can’t keep her legs open just for her man, and can’t emotionally bond with one MAN! That’s why her old “Ride or Die” trashed your place; he found out her guts were getting rearranged and it wasn’t him doing it! She was getting slammed while he was in the Slammer! Have your Fun Boys’ you’re not the One; it’s just your turn on the Ride! Why guys just keep running through HER! Let’s face it, you haven’t been LOYAL to any man you’ve had, you can’t be loyal when you have a Price! She also a self proclaimed GOAT and not seasonal, but she is street seasoned! Guys some Advice! Just get in there Enjoy rearranging those guts and Tag in the Next Guy! SHE IS FOR THE STREETS!