Mike And Ariana DaCunha This Couple. They seriously have no life nor do there friends. This couple right here enjoys blasting the LGBT community and beating LGBT up. They get a kick out of it. Also the love to make sh1t up about others. I’ve heard so much about this couple and their friends its crazy. they need to be posted everywhere so everyone can stay clear. I’ve seen them bash this transgender guy he is female to male. and they blast him on everything because of his choice of living his life happy as a man he was born in the wrong body. thats fuked up id say. they make lies about him and everything its sick. this couple right here this is facts. they don’t take care of their children. they smoke drink all day long with friends. they never bath. they let the children run the house. no rules either. yup great parenting skills ahaha. the transgender guy too has got his name cleared too with everything single lie they have mention! don’t believe a word THEY SAY. also blasting this mother as well saying how she a bad mom she is a GREAT mom!! those kids are well taken care of. always have what they need always food in house. healthy as ever. the house is always cleaned. they don’t hide the kids. and the dad to all the kids is the transgender he step up and all the kids have his last name as well. also court papers has been done too. so these fools need to get a life shright up!!!!!