Mike Belisle Is A Cringefest. This guy is a narcissistic with skin so thin he’s practically bleeding. Mike begged for followers and support on the day his new baby (he has a new momma to milk) was born, that’s what kind of person he is. He will treat you good only if you are there to give everything to him because he doesn’t know how to make his own money. He really thinks he’s deserving when he uses people and blows up when they leave him. Getting a bit repetitive, I wonder why? Him and his goons are responsible for making Sarnia more shit by selling hard drugs for money, only to blow that money on what they think is clout, being the reason there’s so many ODs and deaths. They still own illegal weapons if the Sarnia police is interested, really the only recognition they have are those police. Don’t get me started on the way he dresses. What the fck man, what’s wrong with you. Do you really want to be the reason people are dying from the drugs you sell, while glamourising the crime you bring in your sh1t original small town rap, just to spend that money to look like someone who will never make non-illegal money? Good luck, you’ll never receive genuine respect.