Mike DeRose #PsychoMiko -The Biggest Narcissist In AZ. He’s a lying, cheating, bastard. Typical Narc, plays the victim. Says all his ex’s are “crazy” and THEY cheated on him when actually he’s the one cheating on them. He’s super insecure about his size, he will use sex to reel you in. He will give you the best G-Spot orgasms but that’s all there is to him. Otherwise he will have 3 or more girlfriends at the same time. He’s always on his phone, sliding into everyone’s DM’s and is super negative. He’s hopped up roids and sells them and will date women who are recently divorced and highly sensitive. He will make you feel like you’re his soulmate but he’s actually grooming you to be his project to show off. He’s a typical Malignant Narcissist. If you don’t know the TRUE definition of a narcissist please look it up in the DSM. He’s dangerous, physically, mentally and worst of all emotionally. He’s the scum of the earth. He owns guns so please beware. And he killed his own dog to make his ex look like the crazy one. He’s a stalker and smooth talker. Run RUN. RUN RUN RUN. RUN FOREST RUN. DONT LOOK BACK. IF ANYTHING PLEASE TELL HIM HE HAS A TINY WEINER. ?