Mike Spiecha — Mike “SPIKE” Spiecha. This guy SPIKE so he likes to call himself has been a nightmare to work with, always looking at people he works with (he’s a manager at [REDACTED]) and has been very inappropriate to people in the workplace. Women, (nah, his junk don’t really work so he don’t pull the Weinstien thing). But, he made several references to Black people, black lives matter movement and why don’t we launch a WHITE LIVES MATTER movement. He doesn’t know we heard him talking about that down in the dungeon we have to work in everyday. This guy is a pr1ck! Doesn’t really know what he’s doing, he’s odd as hell, walks around snapping his fingers and hides from people due to his social disorder. Lies to his bosses. Oh yeah, people know about him. And what happened to him in Utah and that’s why he’s here in this crappy desert in Phoenix. Bad news. Don’t come work for [REDACTED] in phoenix and stay away from this jacka55.