Morgan Burton. Morgan Burton is a woman who was given everything. Her husband gave her everything she could ever ask for and treated her as a queen. She has 2 beautiful and wonderful children with this good Christian man. Morgan left her marital bed to sleep with a fellow church member. She then laid false claims of abuse against a good man that have been proven to be lies. Not only has she abandoned this wonderful man, husband, and father; however she has abandoned her children. Her son and daughter are left in a broken home and devastated as there now single father works 2 jobs and does his best to keep there lives fulfilled. Morgan did not just cheat on her husband and move out but moved to a completely new city to “start fresh” without her family. If you are considering being in a relationship of any kind with this woman please think twice. She is a spineless worm and if she is willing to treat her family this way imagen how she will treat you.