Morountodun Okedara — Bullying B1tch Beware. This crazy a55 b1tch made two instagram accounts to stalk me and message me on. She made a Twitch account to publicly embarrass and humiliate me with saying that she slept with my boyfriend when we were BOTH out of the country at the time. She texted my boyfriend multiple times asking him why he is with such a flat assed ugly chick like me. She slashed his tires when he told her to leave her alone and started seeing other people. She made an Instagram post bragging about how my boyfriend isn’t Mine and that he was OUR boyfriend, essentially bragging about how she’s the side h0e. She has a disgusting heart and an ugly personality. She is FAKE FAKE FAKE. The best part is, I didn’t even know she existed until just before I broke up with my boyfriend. Her reasoning for bullying and harassing me this whole time? Because I dated the guy. They never dated, they were never boyfriend girlfriend, he fuked her before and that’s it. When they say b1tches be CRAZY, they’re talking about this psycho I stg.