My New Wife Leah Smith Is Already Cheating On Me. I haven’t even been married a year yet and my wife Leah Smith is already cheating on me. Leah Smith is a huge gold digger because she didn’t agree to marry me until I found out that I was being promoted to Vice President of my commercial real estate lending firm. Leah admitted to me recently that she’s pregnant and when I was so excited that I texted and called all my family and friends…… she dropped the bad news by telling me that there was a decent probability that the baby would be black. Im in this picture with my wife Leah Smith so do I look black to you? My wife then blamed me for being so fat and terrible in bed that no woman would want to have sex with me, so she texted her guy friend who’s a former Baylor basketball player to fool around. The worst part is that I asked her to get an abortion to spare me the embarrassment at work and around friends but she might not go through with it.