Narcissistic Sociopath. Watch out for this one ladies… currently located in Duncan,BC. He has multiple personalities and will isolate you from family and friends.. if he feels threatened by anyone close to you he will not hesitate to message them threatening them to leave you alone no matter who they are and then play victim if they respond. Hes a major cheater… he uses different names on different social media platforms/dating sites and lies about his age. He tells very young women he’s 29 when he’s really 45, has a wife, and has kids from multiple women. He drives a black car that he stole and he will gaslight you like crazy. Don’t believe any of his lies or charm because he doesn’t know how to tell the truth AND let’s not forget about the hundreds of thousands of dollars he owes to multiple people because he uses his “charm” and the victim game so people will “lend” him money but he has no intentions on paying them back because he’s a bum who doesn’t like to work.