Natasha Borquez-Valdes Nasty Natty.B – She may pretend to be kind and caring, but that’s only when she wants or needs something. She is deceitful and arrogant and will say she can keep a secret, but she will turn her back and make you regret ever thinking you can confide in her. Her materialistic and narcissistic behavior is revolting. She only cares to be around someone if they have a big house, fancy car, or is materialistic just like her. Not to mention she gave up communication with me randomly and then called me back just to use me so she could come over, have sex with me to cheat on her boyfriend, just so she could try and teach him a lesson (multiple times without me knowing I might add) and then ghosts me again! She acts like she has it all together but she isn’t right in the head. She’s bipolar and a loose cannon when its in regards to changing her mind from day to day weather she has time for anything but her own selfish agenda. And regarding if or how long she shows interest or acts like she cares about you or not, that differs on a week to week basis. She wants everything handed to her on a silver platter but isn’t willing to put in any time or even a little hard work for what she wants, she just expects everything and everybody to give in to her when she needs. It ranges from simple favors, like picking up her packages, to dropping food off to her at work, to having work done on her house, or if she wants sex she’ll say she loves or misses the person just so she can get some action when she’s lonely. Then a day later she wonders why that person is even still in contact or trying to contact her at all. She has serious commitment issues not to mention how long she can stay faithful in a relationship after she initiates the bond to begin with. She blames everyone for her problems and her weight gain, when she is just a lazy a55 snack eater who can’t take responsibility for her own actions…. For someone who is pretty easy on the eyes, she has one ugly soul!