Nicole Negrich — Home Wrecking Control Freak. Hey fellas. This is Nicole Negrich/Dow. Watch out for this one!!! She is a hair dressing school dropout that pretends to run a salon out of her house. Extremely insecure!!! Will accuse you of cheating etc all while she spends most of her free time on all the various dating sites regardless if she has a boyfriend or not. Has three hungry little kids that she will be asking you to dig into your wallet to feed and provide for. Has never had a real job in her life. Sponges off of whoever she is currently dating/trying to control. This girl is the biggest hypocrite you will ever meet. Constantly accusing people and doing the exact same thing she accuses of. Talks sh1t behind all of her friends backs and acts all friendly to their faces. Have at it boys. All you have to do is book an “appointment” at her “salon” and you will be taken care of. Catch her on the right day and it won’t cost you anything.