Olga Abbas Petrova The Russian Pro Strikes Again. Olga is back at her illegal games and abuse. She started with her first husband in Russia, next was her American husband who brought her to the US. Then was a nice midwestern man who dumped her in under a year of marriage and now Olga has been targeting new wealthy men. Olga will even target the friends and family of anyone who supports the good men she destroys. Lately she has been rolling from Sugar baby who steals to full out Floozy. Even her Russian Girlfriends have distanced themselves from her. Olga is an unlicensed addiction counselor who manipulates men and steals. More than three men have proof of her history and racism in addition to criminal activity. She’s lucky the US government has not deported her or taken away the citizenship she got from her second husband but that’s not how it works. If you love life and peace stay away from her. She will go after you, your family and anyone who loves you. This is not an exaggeration even a little bit. Be safe and live life with peace. I am friends with her attorney and I have known them for over ten years. He was once her second husband. She still manipulates him by taking gifts, money and free legal work in exchange for you know what. Lately Olga has been after my husband and his friends. She has not boundaries. That’s about the nicest thing she does in this world in comparison to the hateful way she has tried to destroy so many of her girlfriends who have called her out on her illegal behavior and fake counseling of good people who have drug issues. It’s all so sad. She posts photos like this online to show her fake life. Someday she may find her way back to an ethical life, but for now she chooses hate and online abuse before she will ever be upfront with anyone. Find happiness ladies and gentleman by running when you see her. She loves to hate on her female friends even more than the men catch her stealing their money. Don’t believe me, just contact any of her Russian friends or their husbands and the stories will be flowing for hours. This has been going on for over 15 years in Az. Her history of being manipulative and deceptive goes for well over a decade.