Olivia De Roca. Well we been dating for years had a kid with her. And I constantly feel like she lying and when I ask her anything she starts a fight can never be civil all I want is the truth from her but never ever can tell the truth she lied her face off a few years ago I just wanted to break up rather deal with that. But she convinced me and it has been a fight since and always about lieing sure I’m wrong sometimes but I assume she lieing about everything never did sh1t to get my trust back like she would always say she would do anything but nope and here I am resorting to this sh1t. I don’t fuk wit social media at all not for me. But I’m sure she fukimg with her ex Ryan lauman or something like that maybe she fuking with a few dudes. Idk. But I do know she is shady as fuk. Like fuk have her please I don’t want the headache and I’ve told her if there is just go cause I’m sick of the fighting and worrying. But maybe I’m wrong she got me all fuked up. Idk. I guess we see what comes of this then. Either I’m right or I’m an idiot not sure which one I prefer. I’ve heard of this site. That’s about it. Kinda hope I’m wrong. Or wrong for trying it on this. But I’m at the end of my rope.