Osmyl Slettman Floozy House. Ossy SL00Tman or Slettman is hiding illegal immigrants and floozys in her house. Both Maria Bencomo from Venezuela and Verena Miriam from Germany are staying away from authorities at her house. Maria is her cousin and Verena is a new friend she recruited from Europe! Ossy was introducing her cousin Maria to gentlemen on seeking arrangements so she could earn some money. Is that cover for an floozy? Here are the pics of her cousin negotiating her rate and sending her pics. (as you can see it says maybe Maria Bencomo so you can see it’s her phone number) Verena recently had a gentleman write a letter to Dubai authorities requesting that Verena be given permission to leave that country and come to fL. In Dubai women basically don’t have rights so if these letter hadn’t been received then she would not have been able to travel back to FL. The letter stated that she was coming to this country in order to go to Ossy’s baby shower. Funny she is the only person invited to this shower so far. Ossy told me that Verena is a floozy in Germany and books her jobs through some Madam Indian girl. Here is the pic of Verena on her date. Ossy was so nice to share with me. This house sounds more like a floozy to me!