TheWrongDoer_Editor : Page Laprece Sarabia (Peony Black On FB). Bonaire/ Middle Georgia This thirsty attempted homewrecker will attempt to slide into any black man’s DM as soon as she gets a chance. And even if a man backs off she will continue to try and convince them to talk to her. She likes to brag to men about her mercedes and will quickly send your man a picture of it to “prove her value” She likes to video chat in dimly lit rooms with little clothing because she wants to tempt a man but she’s at least 50lbs heavier than her Facebook profile picture would have you believe because she knows her rank personality and sour milkshake isn’t going to bring the boys to the yard. So not only is she an attempted homewrecker she is also a terrible catfish. (Work those angles honey). I feel bad for her kid, his moms looking for love in all the places she’s clearly not wanted and he’s probably going to grow up to be the “man” of the household. Go find his daddy and stop trying to find your kid a new Dad from any black man that pops up on your Facebook… Better yet she’s probably one of those “independent women” that don’t need no man and probably got rid of the father, calling herself a single mom while he’s paying CS and never seeing his kid. We all need to do a little better. Get some help, go to therapy and work out those demons of loneliness, unhappiness, and clearly a LOW self esteem. And even better, stop talking to men that don’t belong to you and don’t want you once the find out you’re an overweight slob looking for a man to take care of you.