Paris Vulaj Is At It Again! Loving all these posts about “Paris Vulaj” as known as Mimi Lang and various other names according to google. Paris just started working with me and I knew something was off about her the day I met her. For starters, Paris didn’t even sound like her real name. Well, now I know why. Everyone absolutely hates her and cannot stand being anywhere near her. Like the previous posts said, she smells awful (too much perfume to cover up some seriously bad odors between her legs that you can smell whenever you sit near her) and she sounds like an absolute idiot when she opens her mouth with bad veneers and too many lip injections. She talks about herself as if she’s really something special and let me tell you…. she’s nothing special. She gave my co-worker some sob story about how her ex husband beat her (apparently it was the cause of their divorce) but after I sent these articles around no one believes her. Another co-worker of mine did a little digging ans found out her ex husband got a restraining order on HER. On top of multiple men who apparently were scammed by her and tried to get there money back. 😂 Every time she leaves the room everyone says she’s unbearable to be around and every other week she’s bragging about scamming a new man on a dating site or something g expensive one of them bought her. None of them ever stick around for very long. Now we see why.