Phillip Chua — Bar Owner Or Bar Creep. Look’s like Phil has joined the ranks of several other Vancouver Club owners who takes advantage of the sudden notoriety that comes with owning a club. He is the owner of the Ivy Rosé Lounge and for a club that has only been open a few months he has already has been called the Ivy Lurker for how he will lurk around the club trying to prey on hot woman to give him attention. Keep a close eye out the next time your in for him in action, a man who says nothing. A small asian man who comes from money can only really gain fame and notoriety from flashing their money, but when that doesn’t work he has chosen to sleep with staff and rape and prey on innocent girls who walk into the club. First month of being open, his girlfriend claimed to have been raped by him. Second month, his top spender lost it on him for trying to rape and assault his girlfriend. Last week, he was caught massaging a server’s arms and breasts on the patio. I mean I think its time to say it he’s really following in the footsteps on becoming Vancouver’s Top Creep.