Poor Jacey Wojcik Needs Help. Jacey Wojcik is a poor twisted individual that’s just starving for attention and desperately needs help. I was one of her sugar daddies who recently cut the funds and in return she stole my watches and trashed my property. That’s just minimum. She’s a pepsi head and extreme alcoholic that has dad issues, therefore looking for her next daddy to get her through her ruts. She’s all show , tried to play humanitarian and act like she’s an entrepreneur to make herself look better to public opinion, when in reality, she’s a broken little bird and batsh1t looney bin psycho. She’s got a list of daddies, so this post goes out to warn the next Man she will prey on. Watch your families, watch your belongings, and watch your reputation. She may look decent on social media, but photoshop and the little FaceTune app goes a long way with her. It’s not worth it once you see the truth in the morning before you send the Uber for her. Jacey Wojcik , get help darling.