TheWrongDoer_Editor : Raquel Silva Owner Of [REDACTED] In Lighthouse Point, Is Spreading DRDs Like A Plague. Hey Nick, Raquel Silva a Miami floozy is tricking men to pay to have sex with her knowing that she has DRDs also known as DRDss. We have heard from numerous men that she has either tricked them into having sex with her while out at [REDACTED], offered to have sex with them for money, or even tried to up charge clients that went to get a facial at her clinic for extra sexual services. Everyone we spoke to started having outbreaks shortly after and tested positive for DRDs. If you don’t know this already sometimes this form of DRDs is not always visible and is still very contagious. Her online account Only Fans she mistakenly had posted a picture that she had forgot to photoshop out her DRDs and was leaked publicly. After this incident her Only Fans account was removed and is no longer public. One guy we spoke to said that he went on his first date with Raquel and shortly after she took him back to her little shack in Pompano Beach. She took him to her bedroom, and he began going down on her, when he suddenly noticed that the makeup she had been using to try and cover up her DRDss was wearing off. He was in total shock because not only did it look like it was DRDss, but she also had a horrible smell coming from her vagina and looked like she had a very small p3nis which he thought was supposed to be her clitoris. He had got up and ran out the door as quickly as possible. Nick, I am not going to lie Raquel does look good, but I am sorry, a bad smelling vagina and DRdss is a deal breaker for me. What you think Nick, would you take the chance? I guess she is offering such a cheap fuk because you get way more then you bargained for. It’s a shame that such a good-looking woman is so ruined. If you find yourself encountering this woman, make sure you save yourself and get away as quickly as possible.