RAVEN GATES. Raven Gates, graduated from [REDACTED], originally from the state of Arkansas, was on the ABC show The Bachelor and guest starred on Bachelor in Paradise, in which she was talking to a current female contestant on the show, and was heard threatening to “cut off” a male contestant’s genitals. The direct quote from RAVEN GATES herself is: “If this ends badly, I’m gonna cut his p3nis off, and he can’t ever lose that virginity.” -RAVEN GATES, 2018. Imagine a MAN threatening to mutilate a woman’s g3nitals on broadcasted television. What a DISGUSTING C*NT! A MAN WOULD BE ARRESTED ON THE SPOT FOR MAKING A SIMILAR THREAT ABOUT A WOMAN. Raven Gates is apparently pregnant too and about to be a MOM. Gross. RAVEN GATES PARENTS AND SIBLING ARE: TRACY GATES WES GATES WESTON GATES.