Reese Macdonald True Narcissist. Sympathy too Tanya Godfrey, Shawna Mallette, and Amanda Mcdougall. Plus if you google his name he has multiple jail charges concerning women etc… This man sets women up grooms them early on. When another girl is catching on to him in a manner of limiting the money they give him, limiting the car use, and starts asking questions he is already grooming another. He goes for women who are alone, low on self esteem, have a job, car, and house. He makes you believe you are his soulmate, but does not treat you fully as such. He will drain your bank account ladies, and lie about everything. Tanya was the crazy girlfriend, Shawna the roommate, and Amanda the landlady. He hides multiple women from eachother, well still crying for money. Frauding women just as bad as an internet scam. He will say he has a great item for you just so you lend him more money knowing you love him, and then never pay back or give the item. He will cry as well to seal the deal. In a short period of time he wants to marry you, and have babies with you. He is 41 years old, and has 5 kids with no custody of any. If you date him you will do anything for this man he is so good at it. It will break your heart to leave him even though you know all the wrong he did. Your friends, and family will try to convince you. You will not listen until it gets so bad you start telling him to pack his bags, but you will let him come back. He will constantly try to encourage you to be more confident, but once you do he comments that your not there yet. Making you feel like you are always doing something wrong. If you confront him about anything he will be angry if it is the truth trying to make you feel like how dare you think I would do that. Or he will leave, and not deal with you until your begging him to come back. Read what a narcissist is, and he hits every point. He also has behavioral training, and substance training. He understands what drugs make you act a certain way, and how to manipulate everything. You will be infatuated. He will write you love notes, call you baby girl, and tell you he will love you forever. All at the same time making you think you are crazy telling you things you are doing over, and over again even though your not. He won’t give up ever trying to break you. Guy friends even go the the end of the earth for him. He picks the same kind of friends, as he does girls. Uses them for rides, etc…low self esteem guys. Maybe this post will help another girl eventually problem is you will want to be around him. It is exciting, but a path of heartache. He is a professional womanizer. Getting better at it too. He needs to be stopped. Deserves to go to jail for frauding of women, but how do you do it because you feel like an idiot. It wasn’t an internet scam either. Girls who rat out guys are usually telling the truth think about that.