Rick Bigras — “Too Good” For His Own Good. He pretty much wouldn’t bother at all with me when my property wasn’t expensive enough for him. yeah I get it that be wants to make some money, but where is that for priorities. He is a belittling and a dishonest business person. I have heard of his shady deals in the past, but I thought those people who warned me were just over the top. he left a very bad taste in my mouth after insulting me and my family personally. I would not bother doing business with him at all. I would much rather give the sale to someone with some business ethics and morals than to this con artist. Being condescending is one thing but being plain nasty is another. You can even smell the alcohol on his breath.. to be honest I am glad I went with another realtor because it’s pretty clear where his priorities lay.. his pocketbook and at the bottom of the bottle. Retire already so you can let the younger, more capable brokers and realtors do their job.