Robert Bobby — Bobby THE B1tch. Anyone heard of this big scary tough guy? You know, the one who robs people for phones and a hoot on whisper? Fucks all the nasty underaged nychees on 118 ave?? Well if you don’t, consider yourself blessed! This piece of sh1t creeper goes around acting like he’s the hardest toughtest meth dealer in Edmonton but when push comes to shove he’s literally all talk and never handles his own beef. He curls up in the corner of a room, pisses himself, and will cry to get people to leave him alone. The only time he acts tough is behind a toy and will use it over petty little kid sh1t like the b1tch he is. I mean seriously, the only thing your good at in life is robbing people? And your PROUD of that?? I guess it makes sense, considering he’s got down syndrome judging by the lack of vocabulary he has and he just sounds down right handicapped. So watch out everyone! There’s a legit retard with a gun running around fuking little girls!!! Yikes Nik, thanks for the warning bro.