Rumour Mill Karen Nikita Burns-Young. This nasty fat pig is my cousin Nikita Burns-Young who loves being a rumour queen and spreading BS about people. Well let’s reveal the truth about Nikita, she has 4 kids which some of those kids may NOT even be her husbands. Yes Nikita I am revealing this as it seems whenever you and Paul have a fight you run to a certain guys arms and end up sleeping with him which you also told many of us that he may be the father of some of your kids. By the way Nikita posting about how you kids are little angles constantly is a load of BS. The apartment has had no issues until you moved in and your little delinquents started causing problems like pulling the fire alarm and causing people to stand outside for hours. So Nikita maybe either shut your fat mouth or come clean about the truth, after all you claim to be a Mormon. So yes gods watching you Nikita 😉