Russell Clifton & Lisa Gladue. Russell Clifton & Lisa Gladue: definitely the cringiest couple in Transcona, if not all of Winnipeg… Lisa happily spread her legs wide and often as she could while bf Russell spent time in jail. She caught some drds and transmitted them to hers truly, once Russell was released. Unknown how often this still occurs, but neither one has a very good fidelity track record, commencing their hook ups whilst in relationships with other people. Russell also has a habit of constantly seeking out attention from whoever he can… immature-aged chicks, inclusive. Mainly by offering drugs. But I guess he still needs his manhood validated somehow, as Lisa is all over the place entertaing her dudes… The pair are avid fentanyl users/try-hard dealers, too. Probably doesn’t help their situation but whatever keeps them ‘together’, I suppose. Basically both are trashy humans but it would appear that trash loves trash and despite the cheating and all, they are still together. At least the two are equally shit and basically deserve eachother. Try to keep the DRDs amongst yourselves from now on, eh Lisa?