Ryan Meloche — BEWARE BEWARE. Ladies…and guys for that matter….PLEASE BEWARE this monster. He is a pathological manipulative narcissistic animal. He will say and do anything he can to get what HE wants. It’s all about him and what he can get out of you, whether it’s money or sex or random things. He’s a pathological liar. He is a lying cheat. He’s a deadbeat dad. He drinks every single day and also drives while drinking with his kids in the car. He’s pepsi head too. Loves his drugs. Can’t be sober for a second. He’s had the means the get help. Even an amazing woman by his side to help him get through things but he always chose the drinking and drugs over his family. He’s a sweet talker and can come off as charming but it’s all an act. I have proof and tons of it and would be will to provide it. Just be safe and don’t get hurt like some ladies have.