Ryan Richard Blair The Lying Cheating DRDs Having Narcissist। This is Ryan Richard Blair this waste of society is a boilermaker but can’t hold a job for the life of him cause he’s an alcoholic. 34 years old and would rather collect EI and drink morning til night he can’t even tell his days apart cause he’s so intoxicated all the time. He was dating my friend for the past year and cheated on her multiple times with pretty much anything with a hole between it’s legs he hooked up with married fat women to junked out little girls he cry’s about it after and begs for her forgiveness saying he’s going to kill himself if she doesn’t take him back. He’s physically abusive he strangled her in fort Mac and was charged with aggrivated assault causing bodily harm x2 and trys to play the victim he’s a narcissist he will tell you everything you want to hear just to get in your pants. Most recently he had the nastiest DRDs. He also picked up a drug addiction went from a c*ke head to a cr*ackhead and is now smoking M*th he is the most disgusting human being around he rents a room in a rooming house with a bunch of immigrants and can’t even afford his $400 rent he has to borrow money from his mom all the time. Driving around in a busted up purple dodge neon he is the biggest front around and from what I heard from my friend his d*ick is so small and he doesn’t even know how to use it. Just a sloppy no good for nothing drunk junky. Girls beware of this one. He’s a catfish and a manipulator and will tell you everything you want to hear he knows how to play people instead of spreading your DRDs around the city why don’t you get your life together your so gross.