Ryan Thompson — Don’t Let His Smile Fool You Ladies! Ok I’ll give this to him,the smile makes him look like a nice guy,and when this pic was taken he was. Then he let meth,fetty,dealing dope,fuking anything that can walk and many other things take him from his wife and kids. Well not far. Did I mention he started having a hardcore affair with his neighbor,pretty much lives there, definitely deals there and doesn’t do sh1t for anyone let’s it’s good for him. He’s parinoid. Should be hehe. Literally fuks everything,so cheats on his wife and his mistress.the dumb one is the loser bitch who let him take over her life,house,thoughts,moves lost her kids,friends and ability to make a decision. Fuk man it’s pathetic. When will this fuker see that he was once an amazing person,could be again if he got clean and fixed his big time mistakes. But I get it,hard when your brother is more successful,supportive and caring of people,everyone likes him more and that’s your little bro. Should take notes from him.he makes mistakes like all humans but is at least a descent human unlike your pathetic low life small d1ck hurtful person. Or paracite,which by sleeping with him your gaurenteed to get. Watch out Sarnia. This guy thinks nothing can stop him. Be prepared honey the big stop signs is about to hit you in the face,tried to warn and help you,didn’t work but I will stop you and save you at the same time…BOO be scared.