Ryan Wells Cheap A55. This cheap a55 guy Ryan Wells used a delivery platform that is used for food and snack deliveries. This specific store was not listed as an option, so he edit store info to select this specific location. Turned out it was a western wear store and his order only required 1 item! No big deal right? 1 item… sure, I’ll be in and out! Wrong! On arrival he kept on adding more and more items in which the store didn’t have any because these items in particular can be purchased on line only! So I said well… he is using me as his personal shopper maybe since I’m taking care of him, he will take care of me right? … boy was I wrong! I spent over an hour and a half dealing with this order, not to mention the gas I spent and the miles I added to my car only to get $2 tip! YES… $2 tip! For everybody that doesn’t know as delivering goes we only get paid $2 from the company and our pay is mainly based on tips. So I only made $4 for 1:30+ of my time! LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE!!! One thing I say “delivery is a luxury, if you can’t afford it… don’t use it!” This guy obviously can afford using a delivery service, because he flaunts his trips and purchases. So what he did is used a platform to take advantage to pay the least possible… Ridiculous!! Had to add… Don’t deliver anymore, but many delivery ppl have lost their lives delivering trying to make a little extra money. Only for ppl like this to take advantage of them!