Sam Castillo, CallMeSammiee, Samantha Castillo, [REDACTED] Is A LIAR & USER! I just learned the final outcome of my friends love affair with Sam. I have to say the girl is impressive with what she was able to work out of my friend in about a year. He helped her relocate to Florida, paid her bills, furnished her apartment, started her modeling career, flew her all over, wined & dined her, and so much more! All along she had another man in Iowa named Ty, was telling my friend “D” that he was her only man, but still was hooking up with countless other random men for free or a fee! She even was boning a new dude the same night after she dropped off my friend at the airport. Seems like this girl is a straight up professional scammer at this point. Although my friend is embarrassed by all this, he still wishes her the BEST & hopes she can grow & learn how to be a better person. BUT, this is a public service announcement to try to make sure Sam does not continue her master manipulation, pathological lying, sugar baby ways, and stops breaking good men’s hearts!