TheWrongDoer_Editor : Samantha Grisanti Two-Faced, DRD Riddled, Gossiping, Sk@Nky Abortion Having Tramp.  I met this kVnt almost 2 years ago at my local gym and began cordial conversation because I was new in town and didn’t know where to go and I don’t know ANYONE. She’d occasionally flirt with me but I wasn’t always in the mood and blew her off at times and other times not so much. I knew there was something “off” about her because I’d hear boys calling her “crazy @55 thot” behind her back but I didn’t care because I wasn’t sleeping with her as she’s a bit young considering she’s 6 years younger than me. A while back she lied and told me she made a mistake a slept with a man in the gym that had a “gf” I had also noticed her hanging around MANY other MALE members of the same gym and suddenly fading away from them. I started asking her questions like about work and school only to have her lie frequently and tell me she was employed WHEN SHE WASNT. We recent had a conversation where she gave me a compliment on my body so I made the mistake of compliments her butt as it’s the only compliment thing worthy about her. I had also had a bad car accident recently and I tried to reach out her as a friend just to talk. She ignored me. I was walking through a bar one day and heard some of her friend talking about me saying that I “bragged” to Sam about my car trying to impress her. My eyebrows raised in SHOCK. I also noticed that many female members of the gym that once smiled at me started acting funny so I did some digging on Samantha Grisanti and found out that she likes to make herself look cool by telling other girls how much boys are “obsessed” with her. I also found out she has a “secret” sugar babies account that the dumb bimbo used her real name for. I also found out the man in the gym who supposedly had a “gf” actually has a wife and several kids. I also found out that she’s rich despite constantly complaining about being broke. I also found out her dad isn’t in ANY of her Instagram pics because OBVIOUSLY who wants to be seen with their embarrassing LOSER slore smut of a daughter. I also found out she’s either banging guys with OF accounts for gifts, pr0stituting, or both. I also found out she’s probably had more abortions and DRD’s than most women have had hot dinners. So let us, as a community humble this NASTY UNRMPLOYED COMMUNITY CVMRAGG LOSER. If she’s not at the local gym she’s probably bangin your husband or bf with ZERO REMORSE. Welcome everyone to Samantha Grisanti the most despicable sk@nk in Western New York. Remember boys this isn’t a lady or a wife. Pound her out and kick her out!