Sandra Gail Letendre — Thief And Scvmbag. One year ago today she gave all us employees payroll checks that bounced,,shut the restaurant doors and went underground,,blocked all of us so we couldnt get a hold of her,,,im currently in a claim with labor board,,shes goingbto be charged for theft over a 10000 and mis approprieating funds,,,if you know this woman, Beware!,shes a wannabe bleeding heart,,crys wolf and will suk you in!she suks men in to pay her way saying she was previously beatn and cant have bills in her name,,,shes a low account no good piece of sh1t that uses people,,a horrible human being,,shes under investigation by labor board for screwing all of us out of our paychecks!,her piece of sh1t daughter and son helped her in all of this!gotta love family ties hahaha.